is a portal site and not an Arbitrage service, we recommend providers of the software in order to place arbitrage bets. There are risks involved.

Risks and opportunities


Arbitrage is not “risk-free”. But if it is done carefully, it is almost risk-free, and risks are manageable.

Most common users’ errors include:

· Betting on different events

· Betting incorrect stakes or odds

· Betting incorrect markets or outcomes

· Insufficient balance to place all legs

· Exchange rates, fees and commissions not considered

Other risks depend on bookmakers. Among them, these are the most relevant:

· Palpable errors. Odds are incorrect and a bookmaker can void your bet.

· Different rules. Some bookmakers can have different rules to settle bets (in case of interrupted matches, overtime, etc.)

· Limits. Most bookmakers don’t like arbers (because they could not be profitable for them) and usually limit them to small betting amounts.


Arbitrage betting is getting harder. Arbitrage opportunities last a few minutes and bookmakers’ limits arrive quicker. However OddStorm provides lots of opportunities to continue profiting from it.

Key opportunities are on live arbitrage. This situation arises because there are more arbs, and more profitable. Live arbitrage requires less budget and bets settlement is faster. In general limits on in play events come much later than on future events. However, live arbitrage is quite difficult and requires experience and high speed.

It is crucial to subscribe to a good live alert service that provides fastest the arbitrages like OddStorm do for live events (1-3sec) and for future events (15 sec). It is the global fastest sports arbitrage service.